The bathroom, as a place that we often use in our daily life, is often overlooked because of its particularity, and it is considered that it is just a matter of decoration. In fact, this is not the case. Maybe we have no time to appreciate the decoration and decoration when we brush our teeth and shower, but we can feel the elegance of the environment. This also reflects the taste style of the whole home. It is not sloppy.

The dark space will inevitably “compress” your vision, making you feel that the space is very small, so it is important to ensure the lighting of the space. We have to dig windows to help with daylighting, and we can also consider using bright white lights, which also makes the space more spacious.

In order to save space for small-sized bathrooms, the necessary storage skills are indispensable. We can consider placing a rack on the sink and installing some wall mounts on the wall. These storage methods can help our small bathroom to relieve space pressure.

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